Article 21 - Obligations of Employer

(1) The obligations of the Employer are:
(A) if the QFC Employee fails to leave the State as required by these Regulations or any applicable laws, rules or regulations of the State, to cooperate with the Immigration Office and relevant State authorities as may be required;
(B) to cooperate fully with the Immigration Office and relevant State Authorities in connection with any criminal or security proceeding involving the QFC Employee; and
(C) to bear the expenses of preparing and burying the body of his deceased QFC Employee in the cemeteries designated for that purpose in the State, or, at the request of a legitimate heir of the deceased or any other party, to transport the body to the native country or permanent place of residence of the deceased QFC Employee, whatever the reason of death might be.
(2) Except as provided in any QFC Regulation enacted under the QFC Law or unless expressly consented to in writing by the Employer, no Employer shall be liable for any civil obligation or civil liability incurred by its Employees or their Family Members in the State.