Article 24 - Termination of employment without notice

(1) An Employer may terminate an Employee's employment without notice in the circumstances set out below:
(A) there has been a material breach by the Employee of his employment contract or these Regulations;
(B) the Employee has submitted false documents or certificates;
(C) the Employee has committed a mistake that has resulted in substantial financial losses to the Employer;
(D) the Employee has violated more than once instructions related to the safety of other Employees and the establishment despite being issued a previous written warning;
(E) the Employee has committed several breaches of his employment contract or these Regulations which do not individually constitute a material breach and the Employer has previously warned the Employee in writing;
(F) the Employee divulges secrets of the Employer;
(G) the Employee is found intoxicated with alcohol or under the influence of illegal narcotics while on duty;
(H) the Employee physically assaults his Employer or other Employees;
(I) the Employee has been absent without a justified reason for more than seven (7) consecutive days or for more than fifteen (15) days in the aggregate in a twelve (12) month period;
(J) the Employee is found guilty in a court verdict of a crime which the Employer in its absolute discretion considers sufficiently serious to merit dismissal; or
(K) the Employee has otherwise engaged in gross misconduct.
(2) In the event of such termination, at the request of the Employee the Employer shall provide a written statement of the reason for the termination and of the Employee's recourse.