Article 25 - Notice of appointment

(1) At least three copies of the notice of appointment shall be filed with the QFC Court and shall have applied to them the seal of the Tribunal and be endorsed with the date and time of filing.
(2) The notice of appointment must state the name and address for services of the Administrator and must be accompanied by a statement by the Administrator:
(A) that he consents to the appointment; and
(B) that in his opinion one or more of the purposes of administration referred to in Article 7 is likely to be achieved.
(3) For the purpose of a statement under Article 25(2) an Administrator may rely on information supplied by directors of the Company (unless he has reason to doubt its accuracy).
(4) The QFC Court shall issue two of the sealed copies of the notice of appointment to the person making the appointment who shall as soon as reasonably practicable send one of the sealed copies to the Administrator.