Article 26 - Activities conducted in or from the QFC

(1) A Person who would not otherwise be regarded as carrying on activities in or from the QFC shall be deemed to be carrying on activities in or from the QFC for the purposes of Article 11(2) of the QFC Law and these Regulations if:
(A) that Person is a QFC Entity and the day-to-day management of those activities (even if those activities are undertaken in whole or in part from outside the QFC) are the responsibility of the QFC Entity;
(B) that Person's head office is outside the QFC but the activity is carried on from an establishment maintained by him in the QFC; or
(C) the activities are conducted in circumstances that are deemed to amount to activities carried on in or from the QFC under Rules made by the Regulatory Authority in accordance with Article 26(2).
(2) The Regulatory Authority may from time to time issue Rules as to the circumstances in which activities capable of having an effect in the QFC are or are not to be regarded as conducted in or from the QFC.
Amended by QFC Reg 2010-2 (as from 9th December 2010)