Article 27 - Application

(1) An Application for an Authorisation may be made to the Regulatory Authority by:
(C) a body corporate;
(D) a partnership; or
(E) an unincorporated association.
(2) Authorisation constitutes an approval, authorisation or licence for the purposes of Article 11(2) of the QFC Law.
(3) An Authorised Firm may apply to the Regulatory Authority to vary its Authorisation. A variation may include:
(A) extending an Authorised Firm's Authorisation to include Regulated Activities other than those in respect of which it already has an Authorisation;
(B) varying conditions restrictions or requirements imposed on its Authorisation in accordance with Article 29(1) or 31(2); or
(C) withdrawing its Authorisation in respect of one or more Regulated Activities.
(4) The Applicant for an Authorisation, variation of an Authorisation or withdrawal of Authorisation as a whole may withdraw its Application by giving the Regulatory Authority notice at any time before the Regulatory Authority determines the Application.
Amended by QFC Reg 2010-2 (as from 9th December 2010)