Article 28 - Decisions of the Council

(1) The exercise by the Council of a power under these Regulations or the Constitution is to be approved by —
(A) a resolution at a meeting of the Council; or
(B) a written resolution under subsection (3).
(2) A resolution of the Members is passed at a meeting of the Council if it is approved by a majority of the Members who are present at such meeting and, being entitled to do so, vote on the matter, or such specified majority as the Constitution provides.
(3) An action that may be taken by the Council at a meeting may also be taken by a resolution of the Council approved in writing or electronic communication by all the Members (or such specified majority as the Constitution provides).
(4) A resolution under subsection (3) may consist of several documents, including electronic communications, in like form each signed or approved by one or more Members.
Derived (as from 22nd September 2016).