Article 28 - Form and content of Application

(1) An Application for an Authorisation or variation or withdrawal of an Authorisation shall be in such form and contain such information as may be prescribed by the Regulatory Authority from time to time.
(2) The Regulatory Authority may waive all or any part of its generally adopted requirements as to form and contents either in individual cases or generally, provided it is satisfied in either case that:
(A) materially similar, up-to-date information is provided in other documentation already issued or completed by the Applicant;
(B) such information is not necessary in the light of any registration or authorisation the Applicant may have in a jurisdiction outside the QFC; or
(C) such information is not considered by the Regulatory Authority to be relevant in the context of any particular Application.
(3) The Regulatory Authority may require the Applicant to provide further information which the Regulatory Authority reasonably requires to be able to decide whether to approve an Application to which Article 28 relates.
(4) If at any time between the making of the Application and the grant of the Authorisation, variation or, as the case may be, withdrawal, the Applicant or the signatories to the relevant Application become(s) aware of a material change which is reasonably likely to be relevant to the Application under consideration by the Regulatory Authority, the Applicant or signatories (as the case may be) shall inform the Regulatory Authority of such a change without delay.
Amended by QFC Reg 2010-2 (as from 9th December 2010)