Article 28 - Maximum working time

(1) Subject to Article 30—(Overtime) and Article 31—(Exemptions), the maximum work hours are forty eight (48) hours per week.
(2) Employer must notify all Employees of the full-time (daily and weekly) working hours applied in the workplace and display them in a place accessible to all Employees.
(3) The time spent on transport between residence and work is not included in the calculation of working hours.
(4) An Employee who works at least six (6) hours per day shall be entitled to one (1) or more intervals for prayers, meals and rest of at least one (1) hour in the aggregate. Such rest periods are not included in the calculation of the Employee's working hours.
(5) An Employee shall be allowed a weekly paid rest which shall not be less than twenty–four (24) consecutive hours. If the circumstances of the work necessitate the employment of the Employee during the rest day the Employee shall be compensated for the rest day by another rest day.
Amended (as from 18th July 2019)