Article 29 - Disclosure of Names and Addresses of Partners

(1) A person dealing with a Partnership is entitled, on request to the Partnership or a Partner, to be informed of:
(A) the full Name of each Partner; and
(B) an Address for service of each Partner.
(2) A person who has a complaint against a Partnership connected with dealings he has had with the Partnership is entitled, on request to the Partnership, a Partner or a former Partner, to be given such information as the person requested is reasonably able to provide (or to obtain) as to:
(A) the full Name of each person who was a Partner at the time of the act or omission to which the complaint relates; and
(B) an Address for service, or the last known Address, of each such person.
(3) The Tribunal may make provision enabling a person who is considering:
(A) making a claim against a Partnership; or
(B) making a claim against a Partner or former Partner in respect of a Partnership Obligation, to apply to the Tribunal, before bringing proceedings in respect of the claim, for an order for the disclosure of the information mentioned in subsection (1) or (2).
(4) This Article does not apply in relation to a Limited Partner or former Limited Partner of a Limited Partnership that is a Collective Investment Fund registered by the Regulatory Authority.