Article 30 - Position of assignees etc. of Partner's share

(1) This Article applies if the whole or a part of the share in a Partnership of a Partner ("A") is assigned (whether voluntarily or as a result of death, insolvency or otherwise) to another person ("B").
(2) B may not:
(A) take part in the management or administration of the PartnershipBusiness or affairs; or
(B) inspect any PartnershipRecords.
(3) But that does not affect any of B's rights to receive amounts in respect of the whole (or part) of:
(A) A's share in the Partnership Profits; or
(B) A's entitlement on ceasing to be a Partner or on the winding up of the Partnership.
(4) Nothing in this Article prevents a person to whom a Partner has assigned the whole of his share absolutely from becoming a Partner in place of the assignor if:
(A) all the Partners agree to the substitution; or
(B) the substitution is made in accordance with the Partnership Agreement.