Article 32 - Holidays

(1) Each employee shall be entitled to the following paid holidays each year:
(A) Three (3) working days for Eid El-Fitr;
(B) Three (3) working days for Eid Al-Adha;
(C) One (1) working day for the National Day;
(D) Three (3) working days to be specified by the Employer;
(E) One (1) working day for National Sport Day; and
(F) any other day declared by the State as a public holiday and announced by the QFC Authority as applicable to the QFC
(2) If the circumstances of the work require the Employee to work during any such holidays the Employee shall be compensated for the rest day by another day, or as otherwise agreed by the Employer and Employee.
Amended by QFC Reg 2012-1 (as from 11th April 2012)