Article 33 - Annual leave

(1) Subject to Article 35 an Employer shall give a full time Employee paid annual leave of not less than twenty (20) working days to be accrued pro rata for Employees who have been employed for at least three (3) months.
(2) An Employer shall ensure that the Employee takes annual leave within twelve (12) months after completing the year of employment entitling the Employee to the annual leave.
(3) Annual leave is exclusive of national holidays to which an Employee is entitled.
(4) An Employee is not entitled to payment in lieu of accrued annual leave except where:
(A) the Employee's employment is terminated; or
(B) the Employer agrees otherwise.
(5) An Employee may not waive his entitlement to annual leave and any agreement to the contrary shall be void.
Amended (as from 18th July 2019)