Article 33 - Assignment of Rights

(1) Any rights a Person may have in respect of the Foundation and its assets may be assigned to some other Person if the Constitution so provides.
(2) If rights are assigned, the Person assigning the rights must provide evidence in writing of their consent to the assignment to the Registered Representative.
(3) The Registered Representative must retain a copy of the evidence of the assignment.
(4) Where —
(A) a Founder or other Person has rights in respect of the Foundation and its assets; or
(B) a Person has, in writing, been assigned any rights of a Founder or other Person in respect of a Foundation or its assets,
(C) the Founder or such other Person dies; or,
(D) a Founder or a person, that is not an individual, ceases to exist,
said rights vest in the Council unless the Constitution provides otherwise.
Derived (as from 22nd September 2016).