Article 33 - General duties

(1) The Administrator of a Company shall, on his appointment, take into his custody or under his control all the property to which the Company is or appears to be entitled.
(2) The Administrator shall manage the affairs, business and property of the Company:
(A) at any time before proposals have been approved (with or without modifications) under Article 39 below, in accordance with the purposes for which the appointment was made and the directions, if any, given by the QFC Court; and
(B) at any time after proposals have been so approved, in accordance with those proposals as from time to time revised, whether by him or a predecessor of his.
(3) The Administrator shall summon a meeting of the Company's creditors if:
(A) he is requested to do so by one-tenth, in value, of the Company's creditors;
(B) he is requested to do so by the QFC Authority; or
(C) he is directed to do so by the QFC Court.
(4) Article 33(2) and (3) shall not apply to an Administrator appointed under Article 20.