Article 34 - Winding up by Partners

(1) if a Partnership breaks up, it may be wound up under this Article by one or more of the Partners.
(2) Subsection (3) applies if, after the break up, there are two or more Partners.
(3) The PartnershipBusiness may be carried on:
(A) if the Partners agree that it should be carried on; and
(B) so far as is necessary for the beneficial winding up of the Partnership.
(4) Otherwise, the authority of a Partner to bind the Partnership continues so far as is necessary to:
(A) wind up the Partnership; and
(B) complete any transactions begun but unfinished at the time of the break up.
(5) It is a Default Rule that differences about other matters connected with the winding up of the Partnership under this Article may be decided by a majority of the Partners.
(6) An agreement under subsection (3) may confer authority on one or more of the Partners for the purpose of carrying on the PartnershipBusiness in accordance with that subsection.