Article 35 - Companies Joining or Leaving a Group

(1) Subject to Article 35(2), Group Relief is available only if the Surrendering Entity and the Claimant Entity are members of the same Group throughout the whole of the Surrendering Entity's Accounting Period to which the claim relates and throughout the whole of the corresponding Accounting Period of the Claimant Entity.
(2) Where on any occasion two QFC Entities become or cease to be members of the same Group, then for the purposes of determining the availability and amount of Group Relief it shall be assumed in respect of each QFC Entity that on that occasion (unless a true Accounting Period of the QFC Entity then begins or ends) an Accounting Period of the QFC Entity ends and a new one begins.
(3) Chargeable Profits and tax losses of the true Accounting Period shall be apportioned between the deemed Accounting Periods on a time basis according to their lengths.
Amended (as from 18th June 2014)