Article 35 - Provision of Information to an Interested Person

(1) Where a written request is made by an Interested Person, the Foundation must, to the extent requested, provide the Interested Person making the request with full and accurate information about any of the following —
(A) the financial statements of the Foundation;
(B) the assets of the Foundation;
(C) the manner in which its assets are being administered and the way in which it is carrying out its objects; and
(D) the administration and operation of the Foundation.
as soon as practicable after the Foundation receives the request.
(2) The person applying to the QFC Court must show that the provision of the information is necessary to determine whether —
(A) the Foundation is carrying out its objects;
(B) the Council is carrying out its functions;
(C) the assets of the Foundation are being properly administered; and
(D) the Foundation is being properly administered.
(3) This Article does not affect any other obligation of a Foundation to supply information about the Foundation under these Regulations, Rules made under Article 6 or an order of the QFC Court.
(4) Where the Interested Party is the QFC Authority, the Founder must provide the information within 10 days of the date of the request.
Derived (as from 22nd September 2016).