Article 38 - Sick Leave

(1) An Employee is entitled to a total of 60 working days' sick leave in any 12-month period.
(2) An Employee who is absent due to illness must notify the Employer as soon as reasonably practicable, either himself or through another person, that the Employee is unable to fulfil his duties.
(3) If required by the Employer, the Employee or a person on his behalf must provide a medical certificate stating that the Employee is unable to fulfil his duties, at least once every 7 days during any period of absence due to illness.
(4) An Employee has the right to receive his Usual Salary during sick leave taken in accordance with this Article.
(5) An Employer is entitled to withhold the payment of sick pay if the Employee fails to give the notice required under paragraph (2) unless the Employee provides medical certificates as may be required under paragraph (3) of this Article.
(6) If an Employee is absent due to illness for more than an aggregate of 60 working days in any 12-month period, the Employer may terminate the employment in writing immediately without notice.
(7) An Employee is not entitled to:
(A) compensation in lieu of sick leave not taken; or
(B) to carry forward any sick leave entitlement not taken in a 12-month period.
Amended (as from 18th July 2019)