Article 4 - Definitions

The following terms have the meanings assigned to each:

State: means the State of Qatar.

Designated Areas: means areas designated by the Ownership Law as areas where non-Qatari Persons may own Real Estate or have usufruct over Real Estate.

QFC Courts: means courts established in accordance with the provisions of the QFC Law.

QFC Company: means a body corporate established, licenced, or registered in the Qatar Financial Centre.

QFC Law: means Law No. 7 of 2005 on establishing the Qatar Financial Centre (as amended).

Minister: means the minister empowered under Article 9 of the QFC Law.

Restriction Period: means the period for which a restriction imposed in accordance with Article 8(3) applies.

Real Estate Ownership Law: means Law No. 16 of 2018 on Regulating Ownership and Use of Real Estate by Non-Qataris as amended from time to time.

CRO: means the Companies Registration Office established pursuant to Article 7 of the QFC Law.

Board: means the Board of Directors of the QFC Authority.

Person: means a natural or legal person.

Real Estate: means real estate as defined by the Real Estate Ownership Law.

Inserted (as from 6th July 2021).