Article 40 - Maternity leave

(1) A female Employee who has been employed by an Employer for a full year preceding the expected week of childbirth shall be entitled to paid maternity leave for a period of fourteen (14) weeks. Such paid maternity leave may include the period before and after childbirth.
(2) If the employment period is less than a full year preceding the expected week of childbirth, the female employee shall be entitled to unpaid maternity leave for the same duration as set out in Article 40.
(3) The female Employee must provide notice of maternity leave at least two (2) months before the expected week of childbirth and at least three (3) weeks before the day the Employee proposes to begin her maternity leave.
(4) An Employer may grant maternity leave subject to a medical certificate issued by a licensed physician stating the expected date of childbirth.
(5) The taking of maternity leave by a female Employee shall not prejudice her entitlement to any other leave.
(6) The maternity rights granted under these Regulations shall apply to a female Employee who is adopting a child of less than three (3) months old and, in such case, references to childbirth are treated as a reference to the date of adoption.
(7) An Employee who is pregnant and has, on the advice of a licensed physician, made an appointment to receive ante–natal care, is entitled to take time off during the Employee's work hours in order to keep the appointment.
Amended (as from 18th July 2019)