Article 41 - Meeting to consider Administrator's proposals

(1) Notice of the creditors' meeting to be summoned under Article 39 shall be given to all the creditors of the Company:
(A) who are identified in the statement of affairs, or are known to the Administrator;
(B) who had claims against the Company at the date of the Administration Order; and
(C) of whose address the Administrator is aware.
(2) Notice of the meeting shall also (unless the QFC Court otherwise directs) be given by advertisement in the newspaper or newspapers in which the appointment of an Administrator was advertised.
(3) Notice to attend the meeting shall be sent out at the same time to the QFC Authority and any directors or officers of the Company (including persons who have been directors or officers in the past) whose presence at the meeting is, in the Administrator's opinion, required.
(4) If at the meeting there is not the requisite majority for approval of the Administrator's proposals (with modifications, if any), the chairman may, and shall if a resolution is passed to that effect, adjourn the meeting for not more than 14 days.