Article 42 - Recognition and enforcement of Non-QFC Awards

(1) An Award, which for the purpose of this Part only shall include a Non-QFC Award, shall be recognised as binding and shall be enforced in the QFC in accordance with the provisions of this Part.
(2) The QFC Tribunal has sole and exclusive jurisdiction to hear applications for the enforcement of an Award in the QFC.
(3) The party relying on an Award or applying for its enforcement shall supply the duly authenticated original Award or a duly certified copy thereof, and the original Arbitration Agreement referred to in Article 10 or a duly certified copy thereof.
(4) The QFC Tribunal may on the application of a party for the enforcement of an Award make:
(A) an order to enforce the Award in the QFC; and
(B) any other orders ancillary to the enforcement of the Award.