Article 45 - Definitions

The following words and phrases shall where the context permits have the meanings shown against each of them:

Administered Arbitration an Arbitration conducted pursuant to the rules of a recognised arbitration institution
Arbitration any arbitration whether or not it is an Administered Arbitration
Arbitration Agreement has the meaning set out in Article 10 of these Regulations
Arbitral Panel a sole arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators
Award an Arbitration award made under the Seat of the QFC either within or outside the jurisdiction of the QFC
Council of Ministers the Council of Ministers of the State
Court means a court or organ of the judicial system of a state including the QFC Tribunal
Minister the Minister of Economy and Commerce of the State
Non-QFC Award an Arbitration award made in a Seat other than that of the QFC (including in the State) in relation to a dispute arising out of or in relation to the QFC
QFC the Qatar Financial Centre
QFC Authority the Qatar Financial Centre Authority established pursuant to Article 3 of the QFC Law
QFC Law Law No.(7) of 2005 of the State
QFC Tribunal the QFC Tribunal as established by the TDR Regulations
Regulations Regulations enacted by the Minister in accordance with Article 9 of the QFC Law
Seat the juridical seat which indicates the procedural law chosen by the parties to govern their arbitration awards as designated in Article 26 of these Regulations
State the State of Qatar
TDR Regulations Regulations enacted or to be enacted by Minister with approval by the Council of Ministers pursuant to the QFC Law relating to the Tribunal and the resolution of disputes