Article 45 - Duty to inform and report

(1) Subject to the Terms of the Trust and any order of the QFC Court, a Trustee must, on application in writing by a Beneficiary, disclose to the Beneficiary all documents which relate to or form part of the accounts of the Trust.
(2) A Trustee is not required to disclose to any Person, any document which:
(A) discloses its deliberations as to the manner in which it has exercised a power or discretion or performed a duty conferred upon it;
(B) discloses the reason for any particular exercise of such power or discretion or performance of duty or the material upon which such reason was or might have been based; or
(C) relates to the exercise or proposed exercise of such power or discretion or the performance or proposed performance of such duty.
(3) Notwithstanding the Terms of the Trust:
(A) the QFC Court may on application made to it declare that in the particular circumstances of the Trust, its terms do not render the Trustees sufficiently or appropriately accountable to one or more Beneficiaries; and
(B) the QFC Court may pursuant to such declaration extend or restrict the rights of all or any Beneficiaries to information regarding the Trust or may make such other order as it thinks fit.
Amended (as from 24th December 2017).