Article 45 - Precautionary measures

(1) Without limiting the Employer's general duties under Article 43, the Employer shall, as far as is reasonably practicable:
(A) provide and maintain a workplace that is safe, presents no risks to an Employee's health and that is free of harassment;
(B) ensure adequate systems are in place that minimise risks to health and safety and the use, handling, storage and transport of dangerous articles and substances;
(C) provide information, instruction, training and supervision to Employees in English, Arabic or any other language, if appropriate, to ensure their health and safety at work;
(D) provide and maintain adequate and safe access to and from the workplace; and
(E) provide any other facilities or meet any other requirements as prescribed in these Regulations or rules, policies or orders issued thereunder.
(2) The Employer may not deduct any sum from an Employee's salary in return for providing these safety measures.
(3) If the Employer refuses to take the required precautionary measures or if an imminent danger threatens the health or safety of the Employees, at the request of an Employee or on its own motion the Employment Standards Office may order the Employer to suspend operations in all or part of the relevant premises until the cause of the danger has been eliminated. In such a case the Employer shall pay the salary of the Employees in full during the period of suspension.