Article 48 - Powers to obtain documents and information

(1) The Regulatory Authority may require the production by a Person in the QFC or (subject to Article 48(2)) elsewhere of:
(A) specified information or information of a specified description; and/or
(B) specified documents or documents of a specified description,
within such timetable and in such form and manner as the Regulated Authority may reasonably require.
(2) The Tribunal may on application by the Regulatory Authority order that the Regulatory Authority may make a requirement under Article 48(1) in respect of a Person outside the QFC (whether in the State or otherwise). The Regulatory Authority may request the appropriate Overseas Regulator to assist in exercising the power under Article 48(1) in respect of any such Person.
(3) The Regulatory Authority may enter the premises of any Person in the QFC at any time for the purpose of inspecting and copying information or documents stored in any form on such premises.
(4) The Person to which Article 48(1) or (3) relates must give the Regulatory Authority all such assistance as the Regulatory Authority may reasonably require.