Article 49 - Work related injuries

(1) If an Employee dies while performing his work or as a result of his work or sustains a work-related injury, the Employer or his representative shall immediately notify the Employment Standards Office of the incident, who shall inform the police of the State.
(2) The notification shall include the name, age, profession, address and nationality of the Employee and a brief description of the incident, where it took place and the actions taken for rescue or treatment.
(3) The police shall upon receipt of the information launch an investigation and shall include in their report statements of the witnesses and the Employer or his representative and the statement of the injured Employee if his condition so permits and the report shall explain the relationship of the incident to the work.
(4) The police shall upon completion of the investigation send a copy of the report and its findings to the Employment Standards Office and a copy to the Employer. The Employment Standards Office may request that further investigation be carried out by the police or may initiate its own investigation if it deems it necessary.