Article 52 - Remedies for Breach of Trust

To remedy a breach of trust that has occurred or may occur, the QFC Court may:

(1) compel the Trustee to perform the Trustee's duties;
(2) restrain the Trustee from committing a breach of trust;
(3) compel the Trustee to redress a breach of trust by paying money, restoring Property, or other means;
(4) order a Trustee to account;
(5) appoint a special fiduciary to take possession of the Trust Property and administer the Trust;
(6) suspend the Trustee;
(7) remove the Trustee as provided in Article 35;
(8) reduce or deny remuneration to the Trustee;
(9) subject to Article 60, invalidate an act of the Trustee, impose a lien or a constructive trust on the Trust Property, or trace Trust Property wrongfully disposed of and recover the Property or its proceeds; or
(10) order any other appropriate relief.
Amended (as from 24th December 2017).