Article 55 - Implementation of proposal

(1) This Article 55 applies where a decision approving an Arrangement has taken effect under Article 54.
(2) If any of the Company's creditors or any other person is dissatisfied by any act, omission or decision of the Supervisor, he may apply to the QFC Court; and on the application the QFC Court may:
(A) confirm, reverse or modify any act or decision of the Supervisor;
(B) give him directions; or
(C) make such other order as it thinks fit.
(3) The Supervisor:
(A) may apply to the QFC Court for directions in relation to any particular matter arising under the Arrangement; and
(B) is included among the persons who may apply to the QFC Court for the winding up of the Company.
(4) The QFC Court may make an order appointing a person who is registered under Part 10 of these Regulations to act as an insolvency practitioner in relation to the Company either in substitution for the existing Supervisor or to fill a vacancy.