Article 58 - Appointment of Secretary

(1) Every Investment Club shall have at all times an appropriately qualified secretary.
(2) The first secretary of an Investment Club shall be the person named in the incorporation document, and after that shall be any person appointed by the directors, including one of their number (except that a sole director cannot also be a secretary). A secretary may be removed by the directors of an Investment Club or may resign by the submission of a letter of resignation.
(3) The particulars of each secretary appointed, removed or who resigns and any change in the particulars of the secretary of an Investment Club from time to time, shall be registered with the CRO in the Prescribed Form, together with payment of the Prescribed Fee, and within 21 days of such change. These particulars shall include his Name, date of birth, Address and nationality.
Derived (as from 20th December 2016).