Article 58 - Notifying others of determination

(1) On making a determination under these Regulations, the Employment Standards Office shall make its findings public and shall serve any person named in the determination with a copy of the determination that includes the following:
(A) if an Employer or other person is required by the determination to pay wages, compensation, interest, a fine or other amount, the amount to be paid and how it was calculated;
(B) if a fine is imposed, the nature of the contravention and the date by which the fine shall be paid; and
(C) the time limit and process for appealing the determination to the Regulatory Tribunal.
(2) Any person against whom a determination has been issued under Article 57 (Determinations and orders by the Employment Standards Office) may request from the Employment Standards Office written reasons for the determination and the Employment Standards Office shall comply with such request.
Amended by QFC Reg 2012-1 (as from 11th April 2012)