Article 6 - The CRO

(1) The CRO was established under the QFC Law and shall be an authority with independent legal personality and full capacity to act as such and perform legal actions in accordance with these Regulations. Without limitation to the foregoing, the CRO shall have the power to own and dispose of property of any description and to enter into contracts and to sue and be sued.
(2) The CRO will be managed by the Registrar unless its powers, duties and functions have otherwise been delegated under Article 6(4).
(3) The CRO shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the QFC Law and these Regulations but shall otherwise have power, by decision of the Registrar, to determine its own procedures and management.
(4) The powers, duties and functions of the CRO under these Regulations may be delegated either:
(A) at the discretion of the QFC Authority to any person as it determines;
(B) by the CRO to any person as it determines; or
(C) otherwise pursuant to any Regulations.
Amended (as from 5th April 2015).