Article 6 - Establishment of the Immigration Office

(1) The Immigration Office shall be established by the QFC Authority pursuant to Article 6 of the QFC Law.
(2) The Immigration Office shall administer these Regulations and all aspects of the entry into and sponsorship within the State of QFC Employees and Family Members.
(3) The Immigration Office shall be managed by the QFC Immigration Officer who shall determine its procedures and management.
(4) The Immigration Office shall be subject to the supervision of the QFC Authority which shall have the power and function to:
(A) ensure that the Immigration Office exercises its statutory powers and performs its statutory functions;
(B) review the performance of the Immigration Office and the use of its resources; and
(C) give the Immigration Office written directions as to the furtherance of any of its objectives or the performance of its functions.
(5) The QFC Authority may make rules to the extent set out in the QFC Law, these Regulations and any other Regulations conferring powers, duties or functions on the QFC Authority as it deems necessary or appropriate to enable it, the Immigration Office and the Immigration Officer to implement, carry out or enforce their duties, functions and powers under the QFC Law, these Regulations and any other Regulations. These rules shall address among other things, any disqualifications standards for entry into or residence in the State.
(6) The General Directorate of Border Passport & Expatriate Affairs of the Ministry of Interior, Labour Department of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing, the CID, and all other relevant State authorities shall cooperate with the QFC Immigration Office and provide all necessary assistance to achieve the objectives of these Regulations, including locating their employees in the QFC Immigration Office as and when necessary.