Article 62 - Appeal of the Employment Standards Office's determinations, decisions and fines

(1) A person directly affected by a final determination, decision, or fine of the Employment Standards Office may appeal the matter to the Regulatory Tribunal.
(2) The appeal shall be filed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the determination, decision, or fine appealed.
(3) The Regulatory Tribunal may grant a stay of the decision appealed from until the disposition of the appeal.
(4) The Regulatory Tribunal may attach conditions to the stay, including requiring a party to deposit as security part or all of a monetary order.
(5) The Employment Standards Office shall provide the Regulatory Tribunal with the record that was before the Employment Standards Office at the time the determination, order or fine was made, including any witness statement and documents considered by the Employment Standards Office.
(6) The Employment Standards Office is a party to an appeal under this section of any determination, decision or fine under appeal.
(7) The Employment Standards Office shall comply with any directions the Regulatory Tribunal give to the Employment Standards Office.
Amended by QFC Reg 2012-1 (as from 11th April 2012)