Article 62 - Maintenance of accounting Records

(1) Every Limited Partnership shall keep proper accounting Records with respect to all sums of money received and expended by the Limited Partnership and all sales and purchase of goods and services and other transactions of the Limited Partnership and the assets and Liabilities of the Limited Partnership. Such accounting Records shall be sufficient to show and explain all transactions by the Limited Partnership and must be such as to:
(A) disclose with reasonable accuracy the financial position of the Limited Partnership at any time; and
(B) enable the Partners to ensure that any accounts prepared by the Limited Partnership comply with the requirements of these Regulations.
(2) A Limited Partnership's accounting Records shall be:
(A) kept at the Limited Partnership's registered office;
(B) maintained by the Limited Partnership for at least six years from the date to which they relate; and
(C) at all reasonable times open to inspection by the Partners and auditor of the Limited Partnership.
(3) if a Limited Partnership fails to comply with Article 62(1) or Article 62(2), the Limited Partnership and every Partner is in contravention of these Regulations.