Article 69 - Circulation of Members' Resolution

(1) Subject as provided in this Article, it shall be the duty of an Investment Club on the requisition in writing of such number of Members as is herein after specified, at the expense of the requisitionists unless the Investment Club resolves otherwise:
a. to give the Members of the Investment Club entitled to receive notice of the next annual general meeting notice of any resolution which may properly be moved and is intended to be moved at that meeting; and
b. to circulate to Members entitled to have notice of any general meeting sent to them any statement of not more than one thousand words with respect to the matter referred to in any proposed resolution or the business to be dealt with at that meeting.
(2) The number of Members necessary for requisition under Article 69(1) shall be:
a. either any number of Members representing not less than 5 percent of the total voting rights of all the Members having at the date of the requisition a right to vote at the meeting to which the requisition relates; or
b. not less than ten Members.
(3) Notice of any such intended resolution must be given, and any such statement must be circulated, to the Members of the Investment Club entitled to have notice of the meeting sent to them by serving a copy of the resolution on each such Member in any manner permitted for the service of notice of the meeting.

Any notice of such resolution must be given to any other Member of the Investment Club by giving notice of the general effect of the resolution in any manner permitted for giving him notice of meetings of the Investment Club.

Such copy must be served, or notice to the effect of the resolution must be given, as the case may be, in the same manner, and so far as practicable, at the same time as notice of the meeting and, where it is not practicable for it to be served or given at that time, it must be served or given as soon as practicable thereafter.
Derived (as from 20th December 2016).