Article 7 – The QFC Companies Registration Office

1. The QFC Companies Registration Office is hereby established for the purposes of performing such duties and functions in relation to companies and other entities which may be incorporated or established to carry on business in the QFC and such other duties and functions as the QFC Authority shall think fit. Subject to the provisions of this Law the Regulations shall define the management, objectives, duties, functions, powers and constitution of the QFC Companies Registration Office.
2. Notwithstanding Article 5 of the Law No. (5) of 2002 relating to Commercial Companies and any provision to the contrary in any other law or regulation, limited liability companies, partnerships and other types of company or entity may be incorporated or formed in the QFC, pursuant to Regulations. Such companies or entities may be owned either by one or more persons, whether natural or corporate persons or other entities and whether nationals of, or resident in, the State or otherwise.