Article 7 - Role and functions of the Employment Standards Office

The Employment Standards Office shall have the following functions:

(1) to investigate any contravention of, and to enforce, these Regulations;
(2) to maintain relations with all State authorities involved in matters addressed in these Regulations, to coordinate with such authorities in the implementation of these Regulations and any rules, policies or orders issued thereunder, to provide such authorities with any documents or material to which they a have right under these Regulations and any applicable laws, rules or regulations of the State, and to represent the QFC in dealings with such authorities;
(3) to keep and maintain in such form as it shall determine a register in respect of each Employee, to record in such register all documents and information which falls to be filed with or delivered to the Employment Standards Office in respect of Employees; and
(4) all other functions provided for in these Regulations considered by it to be necessary, desirable or appropriate to achieve, further or assist in relation to any of the above.