Article 71 - Meeting of creditors

(1) The Company shall:
(A) cause a meeting of its creditors to be summoned for a day not later than the 21st day after the day on which there is to be held the Company meeting at which the Resolution For Voluntary Winding Up is to be proposed;
(B) cause the notices of the creditors' meeting to be distributed to the CRO, the QFC Authority and all creditors of whose identity and address it is aware and published in an appropriate publication not less than seven days before the day on which that meeting is to be held; and
(C) propose a person to act as Liquidator of the Company.
(2) The creditors may, at the creditors' meeting, nominate a person to be Liquidator.
(3) In the case of different persons being nominated, the Liquidator shall be the person nominated by the creditors.
(4) The powers of the Liquidator nominated by the Company shall not be exercised, except with the sanction of the QFC Court, during the period before the holding of the creditors' meeting.