Article 75 - Requirement for registered Branch

(1) A Non-QFC Partnership shall not engage in or carry or purport to carry on any trade or Business activity in or from the QFC unless it is registered as a Branch with the CRO in accordance with Article 76 of these Regulations and shall comply with these Regulations in all other respects.
(2) A Branch shall:
(A) appoint and retain at all times a Principal Representative in the QFC who is authorised to accept service of any Document or notice on behalf of the Branch and to undertake any other function as may be prescribed by these Regulations or any subsequent Regulations;
(B) have a principal place of Business in the QFC to which all communications and notices may be addressed; and
(C) file with the CRO a notice of any change in the details of the:
(i) persons authorised to accept service;
(ii) Address of the principal place of Business in the QFC;
(iii) any restrictions or revocations in the power of attorney, in favour of the person referred to in Article 75(2)(A);
(iv) incorporation Documents, if any, of the Non-QFC Partnership; and
(v) Partners of the Non-QFC Partnership.
(3) All Documentation required to be submitted to the CRO shall be in the English language, or accompanied by an appropriate translation into the English language.