Article 76 - Minutes

(1) Every LLC shall cause minutes of all proceedings at general meetings, meetings of the holders of a class of Shares, meetings of its directors and committees of directors to be entered in books kept for that purpose.
(2) Any such minute, if purporting to be signed by the chairman of the meeting at which the proceedings took place, or by the chairman of the next succeeding meeting, is evidence of the proceedings.
(3) Where minutes have been made in accordance with this Article 76 then, until the contrary is proved, the meeting is deemed duly held and convened, and all proceedings which took place at the meeting to have duly taken place.
(4) Where a decision of the Members, or any class thereof, or of the directors, is effected by a resolution in writing or decision of a sole Member or director in accordance with these Regulations, the LLC shall cause a record of the resolution or decision and of the signatures thereon to be entered in the relevant minute book in the same way as minutes of the proceedings at the relevant type of meeting.
(5) The books containing the minutes of a general meeting or of a meeting of the holders of a class of Shares or a meeting of the directors shall be kept at the LLC's registered office, and shall during business hours be open to examination by a Member without charge.