Article 76 - Third party rights

(1) If any of the reasons contained in a Decision Notice relate to a matter which:
(A) identifies a Person (the " Third Party") other than the Person to whom the notice is given, and
(B) in the opinion of the Regulatory Authority, is prejudicial to the Third Party,
a copy of the notice must be given to the Third Party.
(2) The notice copied to the Third Party must specify a reasonable period within which he may make representations to the Regulatory Authority.
(3) A copy of the notice is not required to be given to a Third Party if the Regulatory Authority considers it impractical to do so.
(4) The Third Party may refer to the Appeals Body:
(A) the decision in question or any aspect of the decision, so far as it relates to him; or
(B) any opinion expressed by the Regulatory Authority in relation to him.
(5) The copy of the Decision Notice must be accompanied by an indication of the Third Party's right to make a reference to the Appeals Body and the procedure in such a reference.
(6) If the Third Party does refer the matter to the Appeals Body the Third Party may apply to the Appeals Body to stay the action specified in the Decision Notice.
(7) The Third Party must be given a copy of any notice of discontinuance applicable to the proceedings to which the Decision Notice related.