Article 77 - Acceptance or refusal of application to register a Branch

(1) The CRO may on an application duly made in accordance with Article 76 accept or refuse the application.
(2) Where the CRO accepts an application under this Article 77, it shall issue to the applicant a certificate of registration of the Branch in the QFC and such certificate shall be admissible in evidence in proceedings under these Regulations without further proof and shall be evidence of the facts certified or specified therein. A certificate of registration shall be conclusive evidence that the Non-QFC Partnership is registered with the Name and number specified in it and that the requirements of these Regulations have been complied with in respect of the registration of the Non-QFC Partnership and thereafter no defect in the process prior to the registration thereof shall affect the validity of its registration.
(3) A decision of the CRO refusing to accept an application to establish a Branch may be reviewed consistent with any applicable standards and procedures issued by the QFC Authority for such purpose.