Article 8 - Entry of foreigners into the State

(1) No foreigner shall enter the State or depart from it unless the foreigner holds a valid passport issued by the competent authorities of the foreigner's country or any other competent authority, or unless the foreigner holds a document that may be substituted for the passport issued by one of the authorities mentioned in this Article. The Ministry of Interior shall, by a resolution, define the documents which may be substituted for the passport.
(2) The passport or substitute document must be stamped with an entry visa by the competent authority.
(3) A foreigner may only enter or leave the State from the places specified by a decision of the Ministry of Interior and after having the foreigner's passport or substitute document stamped by the competent supervising officer.
(4) QFC Employees and Family Members shall present their passport or alternative document to the Immigration Office, the General Directorate of Border Passport & Expatriate Affairs of the Ministry of Interior, the CID, State police authorities or any other appropriate State authority upon request. In the event of the loss of a passport or alternative document they shall notify the Immigration Office immediately.
(5) Every QFC Employee and Family Member wishing to reside in the State must:
(A) obtain a residence permit from the Immigration Office; and
(B) leave the State upon the expiry of their residence permit unless they have previously obtained an extension from the Immigration Office.