Article 80 - Register of Branches

(1) The CRO shall maintain a register of Branches which shall include:
(A) the Name of the Branch and, if different, the Name of the Non-QFC Partnership;
(B) the principal place in the QFC from which the Branch engages in or carries on any Business in the QFC and the Address of the registered office of the Non-QFC Partnership;
(C) the Principal Representative of the Branch;
(D) the date and place of incorporation of its Non-QFC Partnership;
(E) the date of registration of the Branch;
(F) the registered number of the Branch; and
(G) such other information as the CRO shall determine.
(2) If any particulars required by Article 80(1) are altered, the Branch shall give notice in writing to the CRO of the particulars of the alteration within 21 days after the alteration is made.