Article 86A – Conditions for the Special Exempt Status

(1) A QFC Entity, other than a vehicle referred to in Articles 82(3)(a) or 82(3)(b), that makes an election for the special exempt status under Articles 82(1) of these Regulations in relation to an Accounting Period must ensure that the following conditions are met during that Accounting Period:
(a) The QFC Entity has in Qatar an adequate number of full-time employees with adequate qualifications to perform their professional responsibilities;
(b) The QFC Entity incurs an adequate amount of operating expenditures to undertake its activities; and
(c) The QFC Entity ensures that its Core Income Generating Activities are carried out in Qatar.
(2) The Tax Department shall monitor QFC Entities that have made an election under Article 82 of these Regulations to ensure that the conditions provided for in Article 86(A)(1) are met.
(3) An election under Article 82(1) of these Regulations will not be valid if the conditions under Article 86A(1) are not met or the Tax Department consider that the sole or main purpose of the QFC Entity is the avoidance of tax under these Regulations.