Article 9 - Powers of the CRO

(1) The CRO shall have the following powers:
(A) subject to the approval of the QFC Authority, to make rules and publish guidance for the purposes of performing its functions;
(B) subject to approval of the QFC Authority, to prescribe forms to be used for the purposes of required filings with the CRO;
(C) subject to approval of the QFC Authority to prescribe the fees payable to it for incorporation, registration, filing and any other administrative services provided by the CRO; and
(D) all other powers provided for in these Regulations or any other Regulations or otherwise considered by the QFC Authority to be necessary, desirable or appropriate to achieve, further or assist the performance of its functions.
(2) The CRO shall publish rules and guidance made under these Regulations by the QFC Authority or the CRO, including without limitation those relating to Prescribed Forms and Prescribed Fees.
Amended (as from 5th April 2015).