Article 9 — Single Family Office

9.1 A Single Family Office is a body corporate established within the QFC for the sole purpose of providing services to and carrying on activities in relation to a Single Family in accordance with these Regulations.
9.2 A Single Family Office must at all times have a registered office situated in the QFC, and carry on its principal business activity at or from the registered office unless the QFC Authority permits such business activity to be carried on at or from another place within the QFC. Documents may be served on a Family Office by leaving them at, or sending them by hand or by fax or by courier to, the registered office of the Single Family Office.
9.3 A Single Family Office may charge for the provision of services to the Single Family in accordance with these Regulations but such charging shall not by itself be conclusive evidence that the Single Family Office is carrying on any Permitted Activities in or from the QFC by way of business.