Article 9 - The Tribunal

(1) The QFC Law also makes provision for the establishment of the Tribunal which will have jurisdiction to determine disputes relating to activities undertaken in or from the QFC, or events occurring in the QFC, or to make orders, directions or determinations in accordance with and to the extent provided for in the TDR Regulations.
(2) The jurisdiction of the Tribunal will include (subject to Article 8(3) (Jurisdiction of the Appeals Body)):
(A) any civil or commercial proceedings brought by any Person pursuant to the TDR Regulations or any other QFC Law or Regulation;
(B) any application for judicial review of a decision of the QFC Authority taken under any QFC Law or Regulation, or of a Person exercising the powers and functions of a body established under the QFC Law or any Regulation;
(C) any application brought pursuant to any QFC Law or Regulation;
(D) any matter that appears to the Tribunal, or the application of the QFC Authority, to affect the integrity of the QFC or the QFC Law, or which is alleged by any other Person to affect that integrity and which the Tribunal thinks fit to hear; and
(E) any other class of case that another law empowers the Tribunal to hear and determine.