Article 90 - Rights and obligations affecting Auditors and Actuaries

(1) An Authorised Firm, or any director, officer, employee, agent or contractor of the Authorised Firm shall co-operate with Auditors or Actuaries appointed pursuant to Article 88 in the fulfilment of their respective duties as such.
(2) An Auditor of, or an Actuary acting for, an Authorised Firm under 88(1):
(A) has a right of access at all times to the Authorised Firm's books, accounts and material records; and
(B) is entitled to require from the Authorised Firm's officers such information and explanations as he reasonably considers necessary for the performance of his duties as Auditor or Actuary.
(3) Any provision in an agreement between an Authorised Firm and an Auditor or Actuary or director, officer agent or contractor of an Authorised Firm which is inconsistent with their respective obligations under this Part shall be void.